about Our Staff

The ASRS Staff is composed of highly experienced pilots, air traffic controllers and mechanics, as well as a management team that possess aviation and human factors experience. ASRS Analysts' experience is comprised of over 200 cumulative years of aviation expertise covering the full spectrum of aviation activity: air carrier, corporate, military, and general aviation; Air Traffic Control in Towers, TRACONs, Centers, and Military Facilities. Analyst cumulative flight time exceeds 100,000 hours in over 50 different aircraft.

ASRS Analysts' first mission is to identify any aviation hazards that are discussed in reports and flag that information for immediate action. When such hazards are identified, an alerting message is issued to the appropriate FAA office or aviation authority. Their second mission is to classify reports and diagnose the causes underlying each reported event.

In addition, the ASRS Staff has human factors and psychology research experience in areas such as crew resource management, training, fatigue, user interface design, usability evaluations, and research methodology.