The International Confidential Aviation Safety Systems Group

The International Confidential Aviation Safety Systems (ICASS) Group promotes confidential reporting systems as an effective method of enhancing flight safety in commercial air transport and general aviation operations. The principal objectives of the ICASS Group are:

  • To provide advice and assistance in the start up and operation of a confidential reporting system.
  • To facilitate the exchange of safety related information between independent confidential aviation reporting systems.
  • To identify solutions to common problems in the operation of such systems.

Group Membership

Membership to the ICASS Group is by invitation.

  • Membership - Membership with full voting rights.

    Available to Reporting Systems that are:

    • Confidential
    • Independent of air transport and regulatory interests
    • Operating on a national or international level
  • Observer Status - In attendance by invitation during general business, but may be excluded from sensitive discussions.

    Available to interested third party groups, eg. research institutions, airlines, service providers, manufacturers, and representatives of emerging confidential reporting systems.

    For more information on confidential reporting and/or membership of ICASS, contact any one of the following programs.

Current Programs