ASRS Directline

 Issue Number 8 : June 1996

Directline Wins Flight Safety Foundation Cecil A. Brownlow Publication Award

Over the years, ASRS has received many awards for its contributions to aviation safety. CALLBACK, ASRS's monthly safety newsletter, and CALLBACK's editors, have been the recipients of a number of awards. These include Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) publication awards in November 1981 and April 1987, and The Aviation/Space Writers Association's (AWA) Award of Excellence awarded to CALLBACK's editors, Rex Hardy in 1982, and Dr. Rowena Morrison in 1992.

Flight Safety Foundation recently honored ASRS with the Cecil A. Brownlow award for ASRS Directline. First established as the FSF Publication Award, the award was renamed in 1988 in memory of Cecil A. Brownlow, an aviation journalist and former FSF editor. The Foundation has given the award since 1968 to honor publications and individuals that have reported consistently and accurately on timely aviation safety issues from around the globe. An independent award board makes the selection from nominations from throughout the world's aviation community.

The award noted that "ASRS Directline, under the editorship of Charles R. Drew...[has been awarded]...the Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) Cecil A. Brownlow Publication Award in recognition of outstanding achievement in the furtherance of aviation safety through the reporting and dissemination of timely safety information. ASRS Directline, using the incident database created from reports to the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS), offers a unique focus on real-time operational safety issues.

"By placing this wealth of data in the hands of the aviation community, ASRS Directline has helped reduce risk and prevent accidents," the award citation noted. "ASRS Directline is distributed without charge to selected U.S. and non-U.S. recipients and has been reprinted in many company safety newsletters."

ASRS shared the 1995 award with Jerry Hannifin, a correspondent with Time Magazine. Mr. Hannifin was honored for his longterm contribution to aviation reporting.

ASRS thanks the Flight Safety Foundation for this prestigious award--we are truly honored.

Flight Safety Foundation Award

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