Number 288
September 2003
A Monthly Safety Bulletin from The Office of the NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System
P.O. Box 189, Moffett Field, CA 94035-0189

Nobody Is Perfect? Title

Reports to ASRS often confirm the popular wisdom, "Nobody is perfect." However, in the following reports it would appear that "Nobody" is not perfect. Things can go wrong when Nobody takes over.

"Nobody Was Flying"Invisible Pilot

In this report, Nobody did a little sight-seeing and then headed for the golf course... with two pilots along for the ride.

Nobody's "Got It"

Taking advantage of poor cockpit communication is one of the most common ways for Nobody to take control.

Pilots Get Relief - Nobody Takes Over

While this B757 crew was busy playing musical chairs, at least the autopilot stayed on the job. Nobody was at the controls.

Nobody Busts an Altitude

This Falcon 50 crew learned that Nobody takes over when both pilots are busy doing other things.

Safety Is Everbody's Concern, Especially When Nobody Is Around

Air Traffic Controller at Radar ScopeNobody Coordinates Traffic

In this report, a busy air traffic controller was expecting some assistance, but Nobody provided it.

Nobody Does the Documentation

As reported by an A320 maintenance technician, when Nobody documents a job, trouble follows.

Nobody Knew There Was a Problem

This maintenance crew should have informed their supervisor rather than let an aircraft depart with a known problem.

Nobody Answers, but Everybody WinsPerson Being Resuscitated

Things don't always have to go wrong when Nobody is around. In this case, a cabin crew's training and teamwork prevailed when Nobody answered the call for a doctor.


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